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Greenview Language Group is the home
of the three services below:




Greenview Languages Group Mission

Anne on the formation of Greenview Language Group:
“Alison and I sat down together but wrote our list of priorities separately. Number one on both of our lists was the need to make languages accessible to everyone. It was then that we combined our companies to bring Greenview Language Group into being. Anyone can promise a quality service. What we want to provide is a quality service while ensuring that all your needs are catered for. We aim to grow while taking care of each person individually. Everyone who walks in the door is met with an eagerness to please and help. Whether we are working on projects for groups or dealing with timelines for translations or organising a free tutorial for exam students, we will always start with ‘what is the best thing for the client?’ After that, it’s easy!”

Anne O’Keeffe & Alison Boardman, Company Directors and  Receptionists, Logistic managers, Marketing specialists, Operational chiefs and expert makers of tea & coffee